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Karl Bandilla
Karl Bandilla

Associate Research Scholar, Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Room: E320 Engineering Quad
Phone: 609-258-5433

Webpage: Subsurface Hydrology Research Group

Research Areas

  • Environmental Engineering and Water Resources

Research Interests

Karl received his PhD in Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering from the University at Buffalo in 2009 on the topic of regional groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling. After finishing graduate school Karl was rewarded a National Research Council Research Associateship stationed at a US Environmental Protection Agency research laboratory in Athens, GA, where he worked on using semi-analytical methods to model pressure perturbations due to CO2 injection into deep saline aquifers. Karl is currently focusing on three phase flow involving CO2, brine and fresh water, with the goal to investigate injection induced brine intrusion into potential underground drinking water sources.

Updated: September 29, 2011