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David Miller
David Miller

Room: E201 Engineering Quad
Phone: 609-258-7819

Webpage: Atmospheric Chemistry Group

Research Areas

  • Environmental Engineering and Water Resources

Research Interests

David's research focuses on field measurements of atmospheric ammonia with a novel open-path, quantum cascade laser atmospheric ammonia sensor he helped to develop. This new open-path technology has enabled the development of a mobile vehicular platform of multiple laser-based sensors for high resolution in-situ measurements of emission sources. David has been involved in multiple field campaigns studying surface air quality, including a stationary monitoring site at Beltsville, Maryland, mobile measurements during the NASA DISCOVER-AQ 2013 field campaign in the Central Valley, California and the CARE-BEIJING-NCP 2013 campaign in Beijing, China. He is working on integrating these multi-gas measurements with aircraft measurements and model simulations to quantify the spatial and temporal variability of ammonia from agricultural and urban emission sources. Outside of the lab, David enjoys running, hiking, painting and playing the clarinet.

Updated: September 12, 2013