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Lori Tunstall
Lori Tunstall

Postdoc Research Associate

Room: E226 Engineering Quad
Phone: 609-258-4704

Webpage: Materials Research Group

Research Areas

  • Mechanics, Materials & Structures

Research Interests

I joined Princeton University as a PhD candidate in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in April 2010.  I will be working in collaboration with NIST, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northwestern University, and University of California, Berkeley to develop a working model of cement paste that incorporates fly ash.  Each corporation will be responsible for characterizing a specific set of properties, which will be combined to establish comprehensive quantitative models of the microstructure and nanostructure of cement-based materials with the intent to provide a reasonable prediction of long-term behavior based on initial composition.  Application of this model will significantly reduce the environmental impact of concrete while incorporating a byproduct material that is accumulating in excess.

My research, supported by ARRA Stimulus Funding through NIST, will characterize predetermined mix designs with respect to pore size and shape, permeability and viscoelastic properties, and freezing behavior.

Updated: September 29, 2011