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George Scherer
George Scherer

William L. Knapp '47 Professor of Civil Engineering, Emeritus
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials, Emeritus

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1974
S.B.-S.M., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1972

Room: E209A Engineering Quad
Phone: 609-258-4600

Webpage: Materials Research Group

Curriculum Vitae

Honors and Awards

  • National Academy of Engineering, 1997
  • Ralph K. Iler Award, American Chemical Society, 1995
  • Sosman Award, American Ceramic Society, 1994
  • Richard M. Fulrath Award, American Ceramic Society, 1990
  • Ross Coffin Purdy Award, American Ceramic Society, 1986
  • G.W. Morey Award, American Ceramic Society, 1985

Concurrent University Appointments

  • Faculty, Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials
  • Associated Faculty, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Associated Faculty, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


  • CEE105 Lab in Conservation of Art
  • CEE364 Materials in Civil Engineering
  • MSE501 Introduction to Materials Science


Research Areas

  • Carbon Mitigation and Sustainability
  • Civil Engineering Materials
  • Mechanics, Materials & Structures
  • Structures and Structural Art

Research Interests

Broad interest in material science, including relaxation phenomena, viscous flow and sintering, thermal stress analysis, diffusion, kinetics of nucleation and crystallization, preparation of glasses and ceramics from gels, theory of drying, structure and properties of cementitious materials, weathering of stone.

Updated: January 11, 2017