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Catherine Peters
Selected Publications

1.       Oldenburg, C.; Doughty, C.; Peters, C.A.; Dobson, P. (2012) “Simulations of long-column flow experiments related to geologic carbon sequestration: Effects of outer wall boundary condition on upward flow and formation of liquid CO2.” Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology, 2(4):279-303.

2.       L.E. Crandell, C.A. Peters, W. Um, K.W. Jones, W.B. Lindquist, 2012. “Changes in the pore network structure of Hanford sediment after reaction with caustic tank wastes.” Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 131 (2012) 89–99.

3.       B.R. Ellis, C.A. Peters, J.P. Fitts, G.S. Bromhal, D.L. McIntyre, R.P. Warzinski, E.J. Rosenbaum. 2011. “Deterioration of a fractured carbonate caprock exposed to CO2-acidified brine flow.” Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology. Vol 1, Issue 3, start page 248.
4.       Kim, D., C. A. Peters, and W. B. Lindquist (2011), "Upscaling geochemical reaction rates accompanying acidic CO2-saturated brine flow in sandstone aquifers." Water Resour. Res., 47, W01505.
5.       Ellis, B.R., Crandell, L.E., Peters, C.A. 2010. “Limitations for Brine Acidification due to SO2 Co-injection in Geologic Carbon Sequestration.” International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control. 4(3):575-582.
6.       Crandell, L.E., Ellis, B.R., Peters, C.A. 2010. “Dissolution Potential of SO2 Co-Injected with CO2 in Geologic Sequestration.” Environmental Science & Technology. 44 (1): 349–355. DOI 10.1021/es-2009-02612m.

7.       Peters, C. A. 2009. “Accessibilities of reactive minerals in consolidated sedimentary rock: An imaging study of three sandstones.” Chemical Geology, 265: 198-208.