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3/6 - Student-Invited Lecture (career): Leslie West, Kraft Foods

Leslie West
Research Principal
Kraft Foods Group – Research and Nutrition

Choosing a Career in Academia or Industry

It should come as no surprise that pursuing a scientific career in academia or industry offers very different experiences. While most students have a good grasp of what to expect if they choose academia, especially a research university, few students, even those that intern in industry, have an adequate understanding of what can be expected of them in industrial laboratories. Obviously, different industries emphasize certain skills over others, but many generalizations about doing science in the world of business are valid and important for the student to understand. If a student believes that working in a business may be for them, steps can be taken while still in college to increase not only their hiring potential but also their success upon arrival.

NOTE: A special Q & A session for graduate students and post-docs will be held from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. in room 324 prior to the talk.