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11/19 - Seminar (inorganic): John Berry, University of Wisconsin-Madison

John Berry - speaker's website
Department of Chemistry
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Host: Paul Chirik

Metal-Metal Multiply Bonded Intermediates in Catalysis

Metal-metal bonded derivatives of dirhodium tetraacetate are well-known catalysts for carbenoid and nitrenoid transformations of organic compounds. Despite the widespread use of this methodology in synthesis, few mechanistic details of the reactions are known. I will present my research group’s efforts to isolate and study reactive intermediates, dirhodium carbene and amido complexes, relevant to these important catalytic transformations, emphasizing the relationship between electronic structure, bonding, and their reactivity. Related diruthenium nitrido intermediates will also be presented, including their C–H amination reactivity and nitrogen atom transfer reactivity.