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Graduate Student Fellows


Religion and Culture

 Megan Brankley Abbas, History, "Islam in the University: Blurring the Line between Religious Studies and Theology"

Mika Ahuvia, Religion, "Israel among the Angels: A Study of Angels in Jewish Texts from the Fourth to Eighth Century CE"

Simon W. Fuchs, Near Eastern Studies, "Elusive Centers: Debating Shi'ite Orthodoxy in Pakistan"

Douglas Gildow, Religion, "Cultural Ontologies of Chinese Buddhist Monastics"

Rebecca Johnson, History, "Praying for Deliverance: Childbirth and the Cult of the Saints in the Later Medieval Mediterranean"

Valeria Lopez Fadul, History, "Early Modern Spanish Scholars on Language and Linguistic Diversity"

Helen Pfeifer, History, "The Role of Islam in Shaping Cross-Cultural Encounters within Ottoman Social Gatherings"

Ana Sabau, Spanish and Portuguese, "Revolutionary Imaginations: Religion and Politics throughout Mexico's 19th Century"

Religion and Public Life

Alfredo Garcia, Sociology, "Analyzing Predictors for the Presence and Number of Unbelief Organizations at the County Level"

Michael Hoffman, Politics, "Religion and Democratic Attitudes"

Erin Johnston, Sociology, "Spiritual Disciplines: Transmission, Initiation and Maintenance; and Their Roles in Formation of Spiritual Selves and Subjectivities"

George Laufenberg, Anthropology, "The Varieties of Clinical Experience: An Anthropological Study of Presence, Transformation, and Community among US Mental Health Practitioners"

Kati Li, Sociology, "How Evangelical Christian Therapists Negotiate Resistance and Accommodation to the Secular"

Allison Schnable, Sociology, "The Growth of Grassroots International Aid Organizations and their Significance as an Emerging Form of Global Generosity"

Steven Snell, Politics, "How Religious Congregations Shape the Political Behavior of Congregants"

Irene Elizabeth Stroud, Religion, "Liberal Protestants and Eugenics int he Late-Nineteenth- and Early-Twentieth-Century United States"

2012-2013 Religion and Culture

Alexander Bevilacqua, History, “ Islamic Culture in Enlightenment Europe”

Christine Bourgeois, French and Italian, “ Saintly Asceticism and the Literary Machine: The Many Lives of Saint Anthony the Great”

Rozaliya Garipova, Near Eastern Studies, “ The transformation of religious authority and Islamic law in the Volga-Ural Muslim community of the Russian Empire in the 19th early 20th centuries.”

Jun Hu, Art and Archaeology, “ Embracing the Circle: Domical Buildings in East Asian Architecture ca. 200-750”

David Jorgensen, Religion, “Treasure Hidden in a Field: Valentinian Exegesis of the Gospel of Matthew”

Ross Lerner, English, “ Framing Fanaticism: Religion, Violence, and the Literature of Self-Annihilation across the Reformation”

Christopher Mayo, East Asian Studies, “ Un-Christianity and the Otomo Clan in Sixteenth-Century Japan"

Religion and Public Life

Megan Brankley, History, “ Academic Islam: The Western University, Islamic Modernism, and Developmentalism”

Alfredo Garcia, Sociology, “D oes the Extended Contact Effect Apply to Institutions? An Experimental Design Examining Muslims and Mosques in the United States.”

Erin Johnston, Sociology, “ Becoming a Practitioner: Embodied Experience in the Learning of Spiritual Practices”

George Laufenberg, Anthropology, “ The Varieties of Clinical Experience: An Anthropological Study of Metaphysics and the Making of Community Among US Mental Health Care Practitioners.”

Kati Li, Sociology, “ Inhabiting both Religious and Secular Worlds: Christian Counselors Negotiate Professionalism and Medicalization.”

Matty Lichtenstein, Sociology, "Emerging Adults and the Religious Encounter:  Marginality, Community, and the Individual Quest in a New York Synagogue"

Allison Schnable, Sociology, “ Volun-trepreneurs: The Growth of American Grassroots Development Organizations”

Steven Snell, Political Science, “ Unpacking the Black Box of Religious Mobilization”

Irene (Beth) Stroud, Religion, “ Liberal Protestantism and Eugenics in the United States, 1883-1933”