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Applied Microeconomics Seminar 
Fall 2012
Wednesdays: 2:40-4:00 p.m.
200 Fisher Hall
Visitor Office: TBA 
September 26 TBD
October 3 Amit Gandhi, University of Wisconsin
"Does Belief Heterogeneity Explain Asset Prices: The Case of the Longshot Bias," (co-authored with Ricardo Serrano-Padial)
October 10 Aviv Nevo, Northwestern University
"Do Prices and Attributes Explain International Differences in Food Purchases?" (co-authored with Pierre Dubois  and Rachel Griffith)
October 17 Mitsuru Igami, Yale University
"Estimating the Innovator’s Dilemma:
Structural Analysis of Creative Destruction
in the Hard Disk Drive Industry "
October 24 No Seminar - Midterm & Dept. Wide Seminar week
October 31 No Seminar - Fall Recess
November 7 Chris Conlon, Columbia University
"Effects of Product Availability: Experimental Evidence"
November 14

Alan Sorensen, University of Wisconsin
"Market Thickness and Market Efficiency in Dynamic Auctions"

November 21 Thanksgiving Recess
November 28 TBD
December 5

Paul Scott, Princeton University, Job Market Presentation
Dynamic Discrete Choice Estimation of Agricultural Land Use

December 6*
*Microeconomic Theory Seminar
Michael Schwarz, Google Research
"Pricing and Efficiency in the Market for IP Addresses"
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