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Assistant Professors Rob Pringle and Lindy McBride each are awarded Dean for Research Innovation Funds.  

Gene behind 'evolution in action' in Darwin's finches identified  

An african scientist solved a 70 year old problem of how to stop recurring infectious diseases  
Dr. Wilfred Ndifon (Ph.D. Princeton, 2009; South African and Ghanaian Centres of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences) has proposed a solution to a 70-year old problem of how to stop recurring infectious disease.

Simon A. Levin wins National Medal of Science for unraveling ecological complexity  

Chitchat and small talk could serve an evolutionary need to bond with others  
Princeton University research suggests that idle conversation could be a social-bonding tool passed down from primates. The researchers found that lemurs use vocalizations far more selectively than previously thought, primarily exchanging calls with individuals with which they have close relationships. The findings could have implications for how scientists understand the evolution of primate vocalizations and human speech. By Morgan Kelly, Office of Communications

It takes a village: With camera and determination, Riehl studies communal nesting in birds  

Ants build 'living' bridges with their bodies, speak volumes about group intelligence  

Simon A. Levin Receives Honorary Doctorate of Science from McMaster University