The Examined Life Project

A special one-on-one stud opportunity with Vineet Chander. The The Upanishads are Hinduism’s core wisdom texts. In ancient India, students explored these books under the personal guidance of a mentor. In fact, the Sanskrit word upanishad literally means “to sit down together.” The Examined Life project draws from this traditional style of learning and infuses it with a twist. Students schedule time to meet one-on-one with a tutor and read and discuss a text—and its practical application in life—together throughout the semester. (Think of it as the spiritual equivalent of working out with your very own personal trainer.) All Princeton University students are welcome to apply. No prior knowledge of the text or experience with Hinduism is required. Spaces are limited. Please email Vineet to apply or for more info:


weekly on Wednesday, starting from 9/18/2019, until 10/31/2019


5:30 p.m.