3. Tiger Shark


Tiger sharks are among the most dangerous of ocean animals.  Favoring tropical and temperate waters, they swim menacingly close to shore and eat anything from indigestible trash to humans.  As predatory as their land-bound namesakes, the name actually refers to the striped pattern on the body of the shark, which grows more vivid when the animals close in on prey.

This tiger shark model measures twelve feet long and six-and-a-half feet high.  It is suspended from the ceiling by aircraft cables and can be viewed from either the 100-level main floor or the 200-level, where it seems to swim beside observers.  Constructed entirely of fiberglass, the replica weighs 300 pounds—one-third the actual weight for a shark this size.

  • To learn more about the Princeton “tiger,” see Café Vivian picture #12, 30, 45, 47, and 77.