111. Palmer Memorial Stadium Inaugural Game


Palmer Memorial Stadium was only the second concrete and steel stadium in the country when it was dedicated in 1914.  Given by Edgar Palmer ’1903 in honor of his father, Stephen Palmer, who was a University trustee from 1908 to 1913 and the donor of Palmer Physical Laboratory, the stadium was designed by Henry Hardenbergh in the U-shaped tradition of ancient Greece.  The open end limited seating capacity to 42,000 for football games but allowed a 220-yard straightaway for track meets.  On opening day, for which the program is shown here, the score mimicked the year, 19-14, though the 19 unfortunately belonged to Yale.  After that discouraging start, Princeton compiled a winning record in Palmer of 283-160-17 during the next 80 years.  Suffering irreparable steel erosion, Palmer Stadium was demolished in March 1997 and the new Princeton Stadium was created on the land where Palmer stood.  At the September 19, 1999 opening game, Princeton beat Cornell by a score of 6-0.