118. Upper and Lower Pyne Halls on Nassau Street


The timbered building in the foreground of this early-twentieth century postcard of Nassau Street is Upper Pyne Hall.  Along with its twin Lower Pyne, located down the block on the far corner of Witherspoon Street, Upper Pyne was constructed in 1897 and given to the University by Moses Taylor Pyne ’1877, a major benefactor and trustee of Princeton.  Pyne Library (now known as East Pyne) was given by the same family. Upper and Lower Pyne were modeled after sixteenth-century English houses and provided space for commercial enterprises at the street level with dormitory rooms for 20 students in the upper stories.  Though the location made these rooms favored by upperclassmen, the dormitory space was converted to offices in 1950.  Upper Pyne was razed in the 1963 to make way for the expansion of Palmer Square but Lower Pyne remains, directly across the street from the FitzRandolph Gate.