14. We are united in our diversity.
      –Eva Lerner-Lam


Photo provided by Eva Lerner-Lam

Photo by Dino Palomares


Speaking these words to alumni as a first-year student, Eva Lerner-Lam ’76 went on to demonstrate the possibilities for enrichment of the lifelong Princeton experience through diversification. She was the first female president of an eating club (Campus Club), later became the president of the San Diego Princeton Club and a University trustee, then founded the Princeton Alumni Association of Beijing and served as its president. An economics major, Lerner-Lam wrote her thesis for the Engineering School’s Transportation Program, then earned a master’s degree at MIT. She is now the president of her transportation systems planning company, the Palisades Consulting Group, serves as a trustee and member of the board of directors for several transportation agencies across the country, and has won multiple awards for contributions to her field.