17. There can be no daily democracy without daily citizenship.
      –Ralph Nader


Photo courtesy of the Office of Communications

Photo by Dino Palomares

Consumer advocate, lawyer, author and Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader graduated from Princeton in 1955 with a degree from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. Ten years later, his book Unsafe At Any Speed brought about congressional hearings and the passage of several automobile safety laws. During the course of his lifelong crusade for responsible government and attentive citizenry, Nader has written or contributed to over twenty books and helped to found over fifty organizations dedicated to public service, including Princeton Project 55 with his classmates, which sponsors internships in public interest organizations for undergraduates and young alumni. Nader’s career of scathing social criticism and campaigns for political action has brought him back to lecture at Princeton on many occasions, as well as to receive the University’s Woodrow Wilson Award in 1972.