18. My identity is not singular.
      –Emily Moore


Photo provided by Emily Moore

Photo by Dino Palomares

Emily Moore ’99 spoke at the freshmen orientation assembly “Reflections on Diversity” in 1997 as a representative of the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Alliance of Princeton and an activist for campus tolerance. “The average Princeton student, like the average person, has multiple identities—including invisible religious, class, and sexual identities, varied talents and different family structures, and so on. The most interesting thing about Princeton is that you never know what your classmates will bring to the table.” A history major, resident advisor in Rockefeller College, and member of Terrace Club, Moore received the Shellabarger Prize Fellowship for her creative thesis and was also awarded the Commissioner’s Distinguished Teacher Candidate Award for being one of the 16 top graduates of a teacher preparation program in New Jersey. Her poetry has appeared in Ploughshares and the Yale Review, and on April 3, 2000, Newsweek magazine printed her “My Turn” column about the value of well-educated teachers in the nation's schools.