39. How short the space between the two cardinal points of an earthly career!
      …and yet what a universe of wonders is presented to us in our rapid
      flight through this space! 
      –Joseph Henry


Photo provided by University archives

Photo by Dino Palomares

Physicist Joseph Henry made this comment shortly before his death in 1878.  Henry created the world’s first telegraph line on the Princeton campus during his tenure as a professor of natural philosophy.  He remained at Princeton for twelve years, until his appointment as the first secretary of the new Smithsonian Institution.  The campus home that he designed in 1837, known as the Joseph Henry House, is still located on University grounds, though it has been moved three times since itsconstruction.  Henry’s image appears on a stained glass window in the Chapel’s southern wall, and a statue of him stands to the right of the former main entrance to Palmer Physical Laboratory (now the Frist Campus Center).