4. If I’m not out there training, someone else is.
    –Lynn Jennings


Photo provided by University archives

Photo by Dino Palomares

One of the most diverse and successful female distance runners of all time, Lynn Jennings ’83 holds 39 national titles in track, road and cross-country in distances ranging between 1,500 and 10,000 meters. In the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, she earned bronze in the 10,000-meter race, becoming the first American woman to ever win an Olympic distance track medal, while setting a U.S. record for her time of 31 minutes, 19.89 seconds. That year, Jennings also won her third consecutive cross-country world championship. In 1999, when nearing age 39, she ran her first official marathon and finished twelfth—first among American women. Before this event, she had placed first, second or third 205 times in 243 lifetime races. Jennings appeared on a Wheaties box at age 16 in recognition of her potential; at Princeton, she was named All-American three times and earned a history degree.