5. Less is a bore.
    –Robert Venturi


Photo courtesy of the Office of Communications

Photo by Dino Palomares

Robert Browning wrote, “Less is more,” but eminent architect Robert Venturi ’47 *50 disagrees. In designing the interior of the Frist Campus Center, Venturi and his partner (and wife) Denise Scott Brown believe that “creative clutter”—from the stylized “graffitti” of these quotations to the Café Vivian pictures to displays of Princeton iconography—plays an important role in creating a comfortable, communal facility, as well as demonstrating the diversity of the university experience. Venturi’s architecture is scattered across the globe and the Princeton campus, having also designed Wu Hall, Lewis Thomas Laboratory, Schultz Lab, Fisher-Bendheim Hall and the Forbes College renovation. He is the author of the acclaimed Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture and the recipient of numerous awards, including the 1985 Princeton University James Madison Medal.