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About Us

The Geosciences Department, together with its affiliated inter-departmental programs and institutes, serves as the central focus for the Earth, atmospheric and oceanographic sciences at Princeton. As such we encompass a rich diversity of scientific expertise and initiative that ranges, for example, from the measurement and modeling of biogeochemical cycles and global climatic change, to high-pressure mineral physics, to seismic tomographic imaging of the Earth's interior and the analysis of terrestrial and planetary tectonics.

Bess Ward, Department Chair
Tom Duffy, Deputy Department Chair

Graduate Studies Work Committee:

Jeroen Tromp, Director of Graduate Studies
Stephan Fueglistaler, John Higgins, Blair Schoene and Gabriel Vecchi

Undergraduate Work Commitee:

Satish Myneni, Undergraduate Department Representative
Jessica Irving, Adam Maloof, Allan Rubin and Laure Resplandy

Nora Zelizer, Department Manager