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Department Matters

If you have any questions regarding the set up of any services, please see:

Doreen "doe" Sullivan in room 111. Hours are 10-3.  Monday - Friday.

David Luet - Unix/Linux Senior System Administrator

Doreen Sullivan - PC/Mac Senior System Administrator 

Georgette Chalker - Communications Manager and Web Developer

GEO List Servs
(GEO administrator - Georgette Chalker)

Name Description
GEOadmin-staff Admin. Staff
GEOall-faculty All Faculty, including Faculty from other departments
GEOfaculty Geosciences Faculty only
GEOaos-faculty AOS Faculty
GEOaos AOS Faculty and Students
GEObrownbag Brown Bag Series
GEOdept Depart. Listserv
GEOeggs Eggs Series
GEOehjc Earth History Journal Club
GEOemeriti Emeriti
GEOgrads Grad Students
GEOgeochron Blair Schoene Geochronology Discussion Group
GEOoit-support OIT Support
GEOpostdocs Postdocs
GEOundergrads Undergrads
GEObenderLab Michael Bender Lab Group
GEOsigmanLab Daniel Sigman Lab Group

Useful Links:

OIT Web Store


SCI program
PU computers configured and
discounted for students.

University Surplus