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Solid Earth Brown Bag Series

Fall 2016

September 16

David Goldsby, University of Pennsylvania, "Experimental Constraints on Earthquake Nucleation and Dynamic Fault Slip" Host: Rubin

September 23

Sidney Hemming, Columbia University, "Provenance of Antarctic glaciagenic sediments: Insights into past ice sheet behavior and Antarctica's hidden geology," Host: Higgins

September 30


Andrew Schaeffer, University of Ottawa, "Impact of the western Canadian craton-cordillera transition in controlling regional tectonics" Host: Simons & Irving

October 7

Peter Zeitler, Lehigh University, "Who's really in charge? Erosion and tectonics in active mountain belt," Host: Schoene

October 14

Loÿc Vanderkluysen, Drexel University, “The floor is lava: lava flow emplacement in the Deccan large igneous province (India)” Host: Schoene

October 21

David Jones, Amherst College, "A volcanic trigger for the Late Ordovician glaciation and mass extinction," Host: Higgins

October 28

Harriet Lau, Harvard University, "Using Solid Earth Tides to Constrain Deep Mantle Buoyancy," Host: Tromp

November 11

Loren Shure, MathWorks, "The Power of AND, think AND, not OR," Host: Simons

November 18

Colin Meyer, Harvard University, "Meltwater percolation and refreezing in compacting snow," Host: Rubin

December 2

Sergio Speziale, GFZ Potsdam, "What do we know about the elastic anisotropy of minerals? Some new results on (Mg,Fe)Al2O4 and (Mg,Mn)Al2O4 spinels," Host: Duffy

December 9 Hansjorg Seybold, ETH Zurich,

All seminars are held on Friday at 12 noon in Guyot 220 unless otherwise noted.

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