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Climate Seminar Series

Fall 2018

Nadir Jeevanjee
Princeton University (Geosciences)                 

The Physics of Climate Change                  

    Monday, February 12 "Warming Fast and Slow"
    Tuesday, February 13 "Global Warming in Temperature Coordinates"
    Wednesday, February 14 "On Constant Relative Humidity"

James Smith, Princeton University (CEE)

    Monday, February 26 "The Paroxysmal Precipitation of the Desert" - How Hard Can It Rain?

Kirsten Findell (GFDL)
Elena Shevliakova (GFDL)

Sonia Seneviratne
Institute for Atmospheric & Climate Science

    Monday, March 12 Roundtable Discussion

 Alexis Berg, CEE Princeton

   Monday, March 26 "Global Warming - Continental Drying?"

Anthony Broccoli, Rutgers University

   Monday, April 9 "Looking Back - What Can Paleoclimate Modeling Tell Us About the Climate System?"

Cristian Proistosescu, JISAO
University of Washington

  Monday, April 23 "Months to Milankovitch: A minimum model for the temporal structure of climate variability and sensitivity"

K. Shafer Smith Courant Institute, NYU

  Monday, May 7 "Eddy-driven ventilation structuring Indian Ocean oxygen levels"

Past Climate Seminars