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Environmental Geology & Geochemistry Seminar (EGGS) Lecture Series

Fall 2016

September 15

Daniel Schrag, Harvard University, A theory of atmospheric oxygen.

September 22 

Einat Segev, Harvard University, Bacteria farm Emiliania huxleyi and influence algal alkenones.  abstract

September 29

Nicholas Hawco, MIT/WHOI, An oxygen driven Cobalt cycle in the tropical Pacific Ocean.  abstract

October 6

Danielle Ramos, "New insights into the global potassium cycle using stable isotopes” and Scott Maclennan, "New geochronological constraints on the prelude to the Sturtian Snowball Earth from the Tambien supergroup, Northern Ethiopia”, Princeton University

October 13

Claudie Beaulieu, University of Southampton, UK, Detection of climate and environmental change in the big data era.   abstract

October 20

Peter Huybers, Harvard University, “Delayed CO2 emissions from mid-ocean ridge volcanism as a possible cause of late-Pleistocene glacial cycles"

October 27 

Akshay Mehra, "Ediacaran engineers? A multiscale, three-dimensional study of Cloudina, an early biomineralizing organism"  and Yuzhen Yan, "2 million-year-old ice core from Allan Hills blue ice areas identified by triple argon isotopes in trapped air", Princeton University

November 10 

Sonya Dyhrman, " Genes to geochemistry: tracking the activities of nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria in the sea", LDEO, Columbia University

November 17 

Martin Klotz, "The Modular Design of he Nitrogen Cycle", Queens College, CUNY

December 1

François Tissot,  " Can Uranium isotopes really track the global extent of oceanic anoxia, today and in the past? MIT

December 8

Benjamin Black, CUNY

 Seminars are on Thursdays at 12:30-1:30 in Guyot Hall Room 220 unless otherwise noted.  Please bring your own lunch,  cookies and drinks will be provided.