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Junior Colloquium

Fall 2018

September 17                                           INTRO TO GEO PROGRAM
Professor Adam Maloof, Doreen Sullivan, Michael Morris, Sheryl Robas & PUGS

September 24

Professor Adam Maloof, "Early evolution of animal life in 3D"

October 1

Professor Allan Rubin, "Earthquakes"

October 8

Professor Gabriel Vecchi, "Hurricanes & Climate"

October 15

Professor Bess Ward, "Biological and Chemical Oceanography Research Adventures"

October 22

Professor Blair Schoene, "Vocanoes, mass extinctions, and geochronology"

October 29

Fall Recess

November 5

Professor Thomas Duffy, "Planetary Interiors"

November 12

Professor Michael Oppenheimer, "Projecting (and responding to) Coastal Risk"

November 19

Professor John Higgins, "Global Carbon Cycle"

November 26

Professor Satish Myneni, "Living in he World of Manmade Chemicals: Lessons Learned from the

Migrations and Collapses of Civilizations"

December 3 Frederik Simons, "Through the Oceans, to the Mantle"

JC held on Mondays 12:30 p.m. - 1:20 p.m. in Guyot Hall Room 154.