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Fall 2013

Junior Colloquium


September 23             

Professor Adam Maloof

Introduction to the Program

September 30

Introduction to Geosciences Library & Staff - al Lewis Library

October 7

Professor Stephan Fueglistaler

“Earth's Radiative Balance”

October 14

Professor David Medvigy

"Climatic Implications of Amazon Deforestation in South America and Beyond"

October 21

Professor Allan Rubin

"Earthquakes, Big and Small"

October 28

Fall Recess

November 4

Professor Frederik Simons

"Weighing the Earth by Satellite Gravimetry"

November 11

Professor Jessica Irving

"Journey to the Center of the Earth – Earth’s Core"

November 18

Professor Francois Morel

“Trace Metals in the Environment”

November 25

Professor George Philander

“El Niño and La Niña – The Hedgehog and the Fox”

December 2

Professor Daniel Sigman

"How Ocean Biology Responded to the Ice Ages, and Why We Care"

December 9

Professor Jorge Sarmiento

“Draining the Ocean”