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Junior Colloquium

Fall 2014

September  22                      

Professor Adam Maloof

Introduction to the Program
"3D Reconstructions of the Most Ancient Animals"

September 29

Introduction to Geosciences Library & Staff - at Lewis Library

October 6

Professor Allan Rubin

“Earthquakes, Great and Small”

October 13

Professor Satish Myneni

"Iron-Deficiency on Iron-Rich Planet"

October 20

Professor  Jessica Irving

“Journey to the Centre of the Earth: Earth’s Core”

October 27

Fall Recess

November 3

Professor Thomas Duffy

"High Pressure!"

November 10

Professor Jorge Sarmiento

"The Deep Ocean Drain"

November 17

Professor Bess Ward

“Too Much or Not Enough?”

November 24

Professor Tullis Onstott

“Methanogens: Never was So Much Owed by So Many to So Few”

December 1

Professor David Medvigy

"Climate Syndromes of Seasonality"

December 8

Professor Michael Oppenheimer

“Projecting Local Sea Level Rise and Storm Surge"