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Junior Colloquium

Fall 2016

September 19                                              Professor Satish Myneni – INTRO TO GEO PROGRAM
Georgette Chalker, Doreen Sullivan, Michael Morris
September 26

Professor Satish Myneni

October 3 Professor Bess Ward - Nitrogen in the Ocean:  Too much or not enough?

October 10 Professor Gerta Keller - Volcanism, Impacts Climate Change and Mass Extinctions
October 17

Professor Jorge Sarmiento - Global Carbon Cycle, Use of Chemical Tracers to Study Ocean Circulation, and the Impact of Climate Change on Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry

October 24

Professor Blair Schoene - Assessing the Role of Volcanism in the End-Cretaceous Mass Extinction Using U-Pb Geochronology 

November 7 Professor Allan Rubin, Tectonic Tremor Along the Deepest Portions of Faults
November 14

Professor Frederik Simons, Wavelet Analysis, Spectral Analysis...on the sphere! MATLAB!

November 21

Professor Jessica Irving, Core Conundrums

November 28

Professor Michael Oppenheimer, The Complexity of Adapting to Sea Level Rise