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Junior Colloquium


September 21                                                                  Professor Adam Maloof – INTRO TO GEO PROGRAM
Georgette Chalker, Doreen Sullivan, Bob Koenigsmark
September 28

Professor Adam Maloof
"The History of Animal Life”


October 5 Professor John Higgins

"The Earth's Oldest Ice”


October 12 Professor Frederik Simons

"Shrinking Ice Sheets, Rising Sea Level: Today and in the Last


October 19

Professor Bess Ward
"Nitrogen in the Ocean:  Too much or not Enough?”

October 26


Professor Jessica Irving
Journey to the Centre of the Earth”


November 2 Fall Recess


November 9 Professor Thomas Duffy

"Planetary Interiors"

November 16 Professor Michael Oppenheimer

 "Sea Level Rise: can we adapt?"

November 23

Professor Satish Myneni

"Iron-Deficiency on Iron-rich Planet"

November 30


Professor Jeroen Tromp

"Mapping the Earth's Interior Based on Seismology"

December 7 Professor Blair Schoene

"Zircon: Earth's Tiny Time Capsule"

December 14                                                                                                      

JC held on Mondays 12:30 p.m. - 1:20 p.m. in Guyot Hall Room 154.