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Department Lecture Series

Lecture Series

Fall 2015

September 15
Sponsored by PEI

Michael Oppenheimer, Princeton University (WWS), "Expert Judgment and Uncertainty Quantification for Sea Level Rise" (abstract)

September 22                                       

Kenneth Miller, Rutgers University, "Sea-level Change: Past, Present, Future”  Host: Maloof

September 29

Blair Schoene, Princeton University (Geosciences), Constraining crustal evolution on very short and very long time scales"

October 6

Cancelled - Rescheduled

Patricia Dove, Virginia Tech, "Toward an Understanding of Crystallization by Particle Attachment in Biologic, Geologic, and Synthetic Systems"

October 13
Sponsored by PEI

Michael Celia, Princeton University (CEE), "CO2 Sequestration in Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs" 

October 20 Maria del Carmen Sanchez Valle, Universität Münster, "Fluids in the Earth's interior: from geochemical cycles to supervolcano eruptions"
October 27 James Famiglietti, University of California, Irvine, "Global Groundwater Depletion as Viewed from Space" Host: Simons


November 10        

Katie Keranen, Cornell University, Hosts: Simons/Tromp

November 17
Sponsored by PEI

Bryan Grenfell, Princeton University, (EEB & WWS) "Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Childhood Infectious Disease: Predictability and the Impact of Vaccination" (abstract)

December 1 Mark Harrison, UCLA, Host: Schoene
December 8 Jill Banfield, University of California, Berkeley, Host: Ward
December 15
Sponsored by PEI
Mario Gandelsonas, Princeton University (Architecture) "The Iowa Farming Corridor: The Des Moines prototype" (abstract)

Seminars are in Guyot 10 on Tuesdays unless otherwise noted.  Seminars sponsored by PEI are noted.