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Department Lecture series

Fall 2017

Geosciences/PEI Faculty Seminar Series

September 19
PEI Seminar                  

Daniel Rubenstein, Princeton University, EEB,“Horses, Zebras and Asses: What Their Behavioral Ecology Reveals About Environmental Patterns, Processes and Policy”

October 3
PEI Seminar

Lynn Loo, Princeton University, Andlinger Center for Energy & Environment, “Making Smart Windows Smarter with Organic Solar Cells Providing On-board Power”

October 10

John Higgins, Princeton University, "What do ancient shallow-water carbonate sediments tells us about the global carbon cycle?"
October 17
Mark Wieczorek, Laboratoire Lagrange, "Lunar magnetism - from dynamos to impacts," Host: Simons
October 24 Curtis Deutsch, University of Washington, "Climate, hypoxia, and the End-Permian extinction," Host: Resplandy

November 7
PEI Seminar

François Morel, Princeton University, Geosciences & PEI, "Ocean Acidification"

November 14        

Maryjo Brounce, University of California Riverside, “Redox variations in Mauna Kea and Reunion lavas and heterogeneity in the oxygen fugacity of mantle plumes” Host: Blair Schoene & Scott Maclennan

PWiGS event on November 13 at the Campus Center (5 Prospect Street).  Contact Jennifer Kasbohm

November 28

Lewis Ashwal, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, "Hidden Continents"(abstract),
Host: Schoene

December 5
PEI Seminar

Melissa Lane, Princeton University, Politics & University Center for Human Values, “Ancient Greek and Hebrew Ideas of Ecological Politics”