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Lecture Series

Spring 2014

February 4

Robert Aller, Stony Brook University, "Biogeochemical cycling in tropical deltaic sediments: diagenetic carbonates and reverse weathering."
Host: Higgins

February 11

Peyton Hall

Maria Zuber, MIT -"The Interior of the Moon from the Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) Mission." Joint seminar w/ Astrophysics (Abstract)

February 18 John Valley, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Hadean Zircons are not from Hell: SIMS and Atom-Probe Tomography Confirm a Habitable Early Earth,” Host: Schoene
February 25 Lincoln Hollister, Princeton University
March 4

Mark Zondlo, Princeton University, CEE, "Ammonia, automobiles, and agriculture: new insights into precursor emissions of fine particulate matter,"
Host: Fueglistaler (Abstract)

March 11

Diane McKnight, University of Colorado Boulder, "Ecosystems waiting for water: Hydrology and biogeochemistry of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica," Host: Myneni

March 25 Tanja Bosak, MIT, "The meaning of stromatolites," Host: Maloof
April 1

Pupa Gilbert, University of Wisconsin, "Nanocrystalline orientation patterns in biominerals," (Abstract) Host: Myneni

April 8

Rick O’Connell, Harvard University, "Mantle convection, variable plate tectonics, high pressure rheology and the evolution of the Earth (and exo-planets),"
Host: Simons (Abstract)

April 15

Yuri Fialko, University of California, San Diego, "The evolution, structure and strength of crustal fault zones," (abstract) Host: Rubin

April 22

Quentin Williams, University of California, Santa Cruz, "Constraints on the Evolution and Interior of (mostly) the Moon," Host: Duffy

April 29 Julio Betancourt, United States Geological Survey, "Patterns, sources and consequences of seasonal timing variations and trends in the coterminous U.S." Host: Medvigy
May 6 Woodward Fischer, Caltech, "The evolution of photosynthesis." Host: Maloof
May 13
Lawrence Edwards, University of Minnesota, Host: Schoene