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Postdoctoral Research Associate Lucia Gualtieri named finalist of 2018 Blavatnik Regional Award for Young Scientists

Dr. Lucia Gualtieri
On September 5, 2018, The Blavatnik Family Foundation and the New York Academy of Sciences announced Postdoctoral Research Associate Lucia Gualtieri as a finalists in their 2018 Blavatnik Regional Award for Young Scientists in the category of “Physical Sciences & Engineering.”  Since 2007, the foundation has recognized outstanding postdoctoral scientists from academic research institutions across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.  Dr. Gualtieri is among five other finalists and three chosen winners selected by the foundation to pay tribute for research in three categories: Life Sciences, Physical Sciences & Engineering, and Chemistry.  OO

Dr. Gualtieri’s contribution to the field of geophysics and seismology has granted her this award.  According to the foundation her work has revolutionized the understanding of what globally detectable seismic background signals can tell about environmental processes, such as hurricanes and landslides.  According to Dr. Gualtieri, "using the background seismic signals generated by phenomena other than earthquakes is a unique way to understand the mutual interaction between the solid Earth and the other Earth systems, like the ocean and the atmosphere, and to study our planet as a whole.  Despite the progress of the last decades, the potential of this novel research branch of seismology has just been expressed and exciting years lie ahead of us.”

At Princeton, Dr. Gualtieri’s works with the Theoretical & Computational Seismology Research Group collaborating with global seismology Professors Jeroen Tromp and Frederik Simons.  Specifically, her research entails the interaction between the atmosphere, the ocean and the solid Earth, the physics of ambient noise sources and generation mechanisms, seismic signals generated by mass-wasting events, and seismic tomography. 
This year the Blavatnik Regional Awards received 125 outstanding nominations from 22 academic institutions in the New York metropolitan (Tri-State) area. Of note, this will be the first time when the jury selected three female Winners, all of whom are leading young scientists in their respective fields of research. 

The Department of Geosciences congratulates Dr. Gualtieri at this special time of recognition.