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2018 Arnold Guyot Teaching Awards

2018 Arnold Guyot Awards group shot

(Back row, left to right) Laurel Goodell, Bess Ward and previous winners Danielle Santiago Ramos and Akshay Mehra standing with Spencer Clark.  (Front row, left to right) Danielle Schmitt, Laure Resplandy, Danielle Schlesinger and Rachel Harris are seated with Freyja. 
Congratulations to this year’s winners of the Arnold Guyot Teaching Award: 
Danielle Schlesinger, Rachel Harris and Spencer Clark (AOS).  The awards are announced each year at the Annual Geosciences Picnic and recognizes graduate students for their excellence as Assistants-in-Instruction. Each of these graduate students contributed to the Department’s teaching mission by assisting the professor’s with curriculum development and by interacting with the students to provide an invaluable learning experience.