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Freshman Seminar 187: Earth's Environments and Ancient Civilizations


Summer and Fall, 2013
Polis Chrysochous, Cyrus

In this Freshman Seminar, students learn how to make geological and geophysical field observations, then analyze and model the data to shed light on the interplay between active tectonic landscapes, changing climate, and ancient civilizations. During the fall-break students visit sites of geological and archaeological significance on Cyprus and collect material for subsequent analysis and presentation. Scientific writing is an integral part of this seminar and its assessment.

In preparation for the trip, Professors Adam Maloof and Frederik Simons approached a local animal farm with a request for bones from carcasses in order to bury them on Princeton’s campus. They were used to test their magnetometer instrument before the class took off for Cyrpus.

Participating Students: '17 Undergrads Brittany Lopetrone, Abby Grosskopf, Corrie Kavanaugh, Vidushi Sharma, Grace Chang, Lia Hankla, Alex Herr, Nazik Elmekki, Emery Real Bird, Maricela Coronado, Adrian Tasistro-Hart, Ray Bartolucci, and Marcus Spiegel.

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