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Alumni Network

Connect with other Geosciences Alumni by utilizing this directory of current student information. If you like to like to add or update an entry please write to Academic Coordinator Sheryl Robas. Last Update: 09/21, 2018


Last, First Last known location Senior Thesis
Martocello, Donald Graduate Studies, MIT-WHOI Joint Program in Chemial Oceanography H-Aquil: A Chemically Defined Cell Culture Medium for Trace Metal Studies in Vibrios and Other Marine Heterotrophic Bacteria
McCabe, Erin A. Contractor at US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), New York, NY (LinkIn) Mesoscale Processes' Effects on Spatial and Temporal Variability in the Ocean's Biological Carbon Pump
McKenna, Shayne P. Barnstable/Yarmouth, MA (LinkIn) An Analysis of In Situ X-Ray Diffraction of SiO2 Under Shock Compression
Murray, Joshua Graduate Studies, MIT A Deterministic Approach to Geochemical Stratigraphy
Ogilby, Henry M. Global Data Operations Associate at Flexport, San Francisco, CA (LinkIn) The Role of Encapsulin Nanocompartments in Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation
Rinaldi, Nicole E. Graduate Studies, University of Utah (LinkIn) A Ground-Truthing Study of the Nitrogen Isotopic Composition of Enamel Bound Organic Matter in Modern Bison Teeth
Tandy, Hannah T. Science Director, San Diego Evaluating Carbon and Climate Sensitivities of the NOAA/GFDL Earth System Model ESM2Mb to Forcing Perturbations during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum


Last, First Last known location Senior Thesis
Bechler, Scott M. Fulbright Fellowship, English Teaching Assistant in Malaysia Exploring the Relationships Between Marine Cloud Brightening, the Walker Circulation, and Boreal Summer Asian Monsoon Precipitation
Begland, Katherine (Kate) M. Graduate Studies at Rice University, Department of Earth Studies Weak Inner Core Anisotropy Along Polar Paths Under the Western Pacific Ocean
Hulpach, Kenny M. Unknown Interior Structure of Jupiter's Satellite Io Based On Thermal Equation of State Data
Ivanovich, Catherine (Casey) Climate Science Fellow (High Meadows Fellowship), Environmental Defense Fund, (non-profit) Washington, DC Uncovering the Sources of Elevated Arsenic in Classic Maya Human Remains: Implications from Antiquity to Modernity
Kaiser, Christianese S. Taking a year off Estimating Atmospheric Methane Emission by Mineral Cryosols in the Arctic Region using the Explicit High Affinity Methanotroph (XHAM) Model
Mandelbaum, Sydney A. Data Analytics Assistant at Creative Artists Agency (LinkIn) Potential Sources of Hemispheric Energetic Asymmetry
Santi, Lauren M. Graduate Studies at UCLA, Los Angeles A Calcium and Strontium Analysis of Shark Teeth to Constrain Past Ocean Chemistry
Suriano, Jana M. Cuba Sustainable Ecosystems Fellow, EDF, Raleigh, North Carolina Survival and metabolism of Methanosarcina soligelidi under simulated Martian subsurface conditions
Swadba, Kellie E. Graduate Student at University of Chicago Wave Profile Analysis of the Behavior of SiO 2 under Shock Compression
Tasistro-Hart, Adrian Graduate Studies, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland, Masters in Geophysics (LinkIn) Astronomically Forced Hydrology of the Late Cretaceous Sub-Tropical Potosí Basin
Van Brummen, Anna C. Graduate Studies, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland, Masters in Geophysics Calibration and Noise Characterization of a Newly Installed Seismometer at Princeton University
Van Cleve, William S. Engineering Project Manager at Doosan GridTech, Seattle, Washington (LinkIn) Modeling the relationship between climate and conflict: Nigerian intergroup conflict, Boko Haram violence and the Israel-Palestine Conflict
Yao, Vivian M. Graduate Studies at UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA Stable Isotopic Signatures in Symbiotic Bermudian Corals: A study of nutrient and light variability on δ15N in Porites astreoides at Bermuda
Yi, Young (Paul) R. Graduate Studies at Stanford University, Dept. Civil & Environmental Engineering, Program in Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology Numerical Investigation of the Dependence of Tidal Mixing by Wave—Wave Interactions on Topographic and Flow Parameters


Last, First Last known location Senior Thesis
Barker, Ryan T. Research Analyst at Hammond Hanlon Camp LLC, New York (LinkIn) U-PB TIMS-TEA Geochronology and a New Chronostratigraphy for the Cañadón Asfalto Basin, Central Patagonia
Beveridge, Alyson K. Princeton in Asia (Fellowship) / Impact Intern @ Planet, San Francisco, CA Measuring the Changing Mass of Glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau Using Time-Variable Gravity from the Grace Mission
Campbell, Ethan C. Graduate Studies, University of Washington, School of Oceanography, Seattle, WA Where Three Oceans Meet: Nitrate Isotope Measurements from the South Atlantic Along 34.5°S
Campion, Alison M. Kimetrica, Research Assistant, Denver, CO (LinkIn) Constraining the Timing and Amplitude of Proposed Glacioeustasy During the Late Paleozoic Ice Age with a Continuous Carbonate Record in Spain
Christian, Shanna L. Operations Planning Analyst at Caerus Oil and Gas LLC, Denver, CO (LinkIn) Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells in Pennsylvania: Well Attributes and Effective Permeability
Dessy, Jay B. Strategy & Analytics Analyst at Deloitte Consulting, Washington DC (LinkIn) Towards Quantifying the Risk of Compound Heat Wave Events: Projections of Frequency and Severity
Edwards, Collin R. Graduate Studies, University Unknown Mining Metagenomic Data to Understand the Lifestyle of Atmospheric Methane Oxidizing Bacteria in Antarctic Surface Soil
Forden, Atleigh G. Associate at PDT Partners, Princeton, New Jersey, (LinkIn) Reconstructing Fish Ecology from Otolith Geochemistry: Past and Present
Liu, Weber Environmental Sciences, (Industry) New York, NY Analysis of Martian Topography via a Parameterized Spectral Approach
Lowy, Rebecca A. Paralegal, Weitz & Luxenberg PC, New York (LinkIn) Arsenic Adsorption on Fe-oxides mixed with Mn-oxides: Potential of Fe-Mn Nanocrystalline Coated Calcite Grains for Filtration of Arsenic Contaminated Drinking Water
Myers, Sophia C. Laboratory Technician, University of Washington (LinkIn) An Inter-Trophic Examination of Nitrogen Isotopes In the North Atlantic
O'Brien, Evan M. Laboratory Technician, University of Washington A Multiple Stressor Model of Climate Change Effects on Growth and Survival of Larval Crassostrea gigas
Sarbanes, Anteneh A. Data Analyst at D+R International, Baltimore Maryland (LinkIn) Long Term Drought Signature of Standardized Vegetation Index
Taneja, Anjali Graduate Student, Data Science, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Chevy Chase, MD (LinkIn) An Examination of Climate Variability and International Migration in Sub-Saharan Africa
Vasques, Ethan M. Enterprise Operations Analyst (YEXT), New York, New York (LinkIn) A Physiological Approach to Determining Ecosystem Productivity in the Arctic
West, Fiona M. GIS Developer at Blue Raster (LinkIn) The Herbivory Cost of N2 Fixation and its Effect on the Abundance of Nitrogen Fixing Trees in a Tropical Forest
Zarakas, Claire M. Climate Science Ph.D. Student and Research Assistant, University of Washington (LinkIn) Propagating Uncertainy from Plant Traits to Ecosystem Dynamics in a Dry Tropical Forest


Last, First Last known location Senior Thesis
Bolton, Eric D. Data Science Intern at The Wall Street Journal, New York, NY (LinkIn) Parameterizing the Kok Effect: How Light Inhibition of Respiration Affects Ecosystem Carbon Budget Predictions
Bombieri, Leticia M. Senior Associate, PwC / Strategy &, part of the PwC network, United Kingdom (LinkIn) The Importance of Volcanic Rocks and Thin Sediments on Thermal Gradient
Cannon, Joan L. Marketing & Account Specialist at Heliolytics, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Studying Past Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations Using Mass Spectrometer Analysis of Foraminifera-Bound Organic Matter
Cheung, Tiffany W. Associate Intern, Baker Botts LLP (Washington DC) A Mechanistic Study of CO2 Fixation in Marine Diatoms: Effects of Diel Cycling, Temperature and Light Intensity on Thalassiosira Weissflogii
Kemeny, Preston C. Graduate Studies, Caltech, Pasadena, CA Seasonality in the Antarctic Ocean: Late Summer Nitrate Isotope Measurements from the Pacific Sector and a Seasonal Model of the Upper Water Column
Klee, Trevor D. CEO at Trevor Klee, Tutor, Cambridge, Massachusetts Calculating Mass Balance Per Degree for the Aleutian Crust Using a Novel Method
McIntee, Sean P. Associate Healthcare Services, Strategy & part of the PwC network, New York, NY The Concentration and Isotopic Composition of Nitrate in the Water Column Along a Cross-Basin Transect of the North Atlantic Ocean
Park, Yuem Graduate Studies, University of California, Berkeley, Earth & Planetary Sciences Constraining Deformation in the Skymo Lake Area of the North Cascades, WA: Implications for the Rapid Exhumation of Arc Middle Crust Along Strike-Slip Fault Systems


Last, First Last known location Senior Thesis
Beale, Andrea M. Software Engineering Student at Hackbright, San Francisco, CA
Bluher, Sarah E. Graduate Student, Cornell University, Neurobiology and Behavior, Ithaca, NY
Conner, Charlotte E. Private Equity Associate at KKR, Houston, TX
Lewis, Lauren A. Graduate Student, CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy, NY
Ryan, Kathleen McWilliams Graduate Student in Catholic Theology, Washington, DC
Serota, Nathan D. Senior Analyst at Lightsource BP, San Francisco, CA
Shepherd, Robert D. Mechanical Engineering Intern at Arconic, Columbus, Ohio
Southworth, Alan R. Portfolio Manager at GP Energy Management, New York, NY
Sutjiawan, Djohan M. New York, NY
Wang, Regina J.D. Candidate at Yale Law School, New Haven, CT


Last, First Last known location Senior Thesis
Budnick, Andrew S. System analyst at U.S. Government, Jacksonville, Florida Phosphorus Limitation and the Reduction of the Carbon Fertilization Effect in Tropical Ecosystems
Burton, Nicholas M. Business Manager at Capital One, Small Business Card Acquisitions, McLean, VA Temperature-Dependent Methanotrophy in High Arctic Permafrost: Implications for Global Warming
Chen, Christine Y. Ph.D. Student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Lake Bonneville's Tilted Shorelines Revisited: Implications for Late Pleistocene Climate
Eggers, Gabriel L. Ph.D. Student at Georgia Tech, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Geophysics A Regionalized Maximum-Likelihood Estimation of the Spatial Structure of Venusian Topography
Gronewold, Jeffrey D. Front End Developer at Workday, Boulder, CO The Implications of Mafic Enclaves on Magmatic Differentiation and Pluton Emplacement: Geochronological and Geochemical Insights from the Bergell Intrusion, N. Italy
Kanno, Cynthia M. Associate at McLane Environmental, LLC, Philadelphia, PA A Novel Apatite-Based Sorbent for Defluoridation: Synthesis and Sorption Characteristics of Nano-Micro Crystalline Apatite on Limestone
Mathabane, Nathan P. Assistant Director Of Admissions at Princeton University The Sensitivity of Western US Forest Carbon Budgets to Topography, Climate, and Disturbance Regimes
Rudnick, Lydia R. Energy Analyst at Advanced Microgrid Solutions, San Francisco, CA Predicting Potential Geographic Distribution of Siganus Luridus and Siganus Rivulatus, Two Invasive Fish Species in the Mediterranean Sea
Shoenfelt, Elizabeth M. Ph.D. Student at Columbia University, New York, New York The Nature of Reactive Thiols on Bacterial Cell Envelopes and their Reactivity with Aqueous HG2+
Trost, Emily V. Associate at Point72, Financial Services, New York, New York High-Stress Conditions in Early Paleocene Benthic Foraminifera: Evidence from NW Atlantic ODP Site 1050C


Last, First Last known location Senior Thesis
Abrams (Park), Garnet A. Savage Services, Logistics and Supply Chain, Greater Salt Lake City
Coyle, Owen L. Teaching Assistant, Afterschool Teacher, and Coach at The Evergreen School
Furchtgott, Jeremy B. Director at Baron Public Affairs, LLC, Washington D.C.
Gobel, Amy R. Johnson & Johnson Vision, Strategy & Deployment Analyst, Jacksonville, FL
Moch, Jonathan M. Ph.D. Candidate at Harvard University, Graduate Research Fellow, Boston, MA
Nason, Sara L. Environmental Chemist, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD
Nesbit, Jacquelyne N. Analyst, XM Value at Qualtrics, Provo, Utah
Shonts, Steven J. Senior Data Engineer, Solutions, dv01: Investor Tech, New York, New York
Treibergs, Lija Senior Research Technician in Environmental Aquatic Geochemistry, Univ. of Michigan


Last, First Last known location Senior Thesis
Eddy, Michael P. Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Lecturer at Princeton University, Geology
McGinnis, Sean J. B. University of Alberta Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department, Montreal
Myhrvold, Conor L. "Uber, Engineering @ Uber | Tech Brand | Eng Blog | Nature | Wildlife San Francisco Bay Area"
Wang, Yifeng Associate Director, Finance at the Kraft Heinz Company, Chicago, IL
Xu, Nora L. Analyst at Portland General Electric, Portland, Oregon Area Bio-optical Properties and Mixed Layer Net Community Production of Southern Ocean Phytoplankton


Last, First Last known location Senior Thesis
Hamming, Carl A. Powell County Planner, Deer Lodge, Montana
Hepburn, Christopher R. CFA, Associate at Tishman Speyer, London, UK
Morse, Zachary M. Trader at Ospraie Management, New York, New York
Ryan, Darcie E. Earth scientist writer, PhD in Oceanography from Texas A&M University