Staff Educational Assistance Plan

Princeton University encourages you to further your education by reimbursing a portion of your undergraduate or graduate school expenses. 


You are eligible to participate in the Staff Educational Assistance Plan on the first of the month after one year of benefits-eligible service. Prior service may count towards the waiting period. Contact the benefits team if you worked for the University within five years of your rehire date.
To receive reimbursement, you must: 
  • enroll at a school accredited by agencies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education
  • enroll in a degree program if the course provides added skills, knowledge and credentials needed for your current position at the University, or will qualify you for other jobs at the University
  • receive course credit and a grade or pass/fail designation
  • be employed by Princeton and eligible for the Staff Educational Assistance Plan on the day your course begins and on the day it ends
  • receive a grade C or better, or pass in a pass/fail course
  • provide all the required documentation 
If you are on long term disability, you are not eligible for this plan. 

Reimbursement Benefit 

The plan will reimburse 85% of your tuition and mandatory expenses up to a maximum of $5,250 per fiscal year (July 1 through June 30). Mandatory fees include technology, activity, health services and registration.
Standardized test fees also are reimbursable if you receive a passing grade and course credit by completing the standardized test.
Each fiscal year, you can receive reimbursement for up to six courses, but no more than two courses per semester.  
For doctoral dissertation fees, no grade is required for two plan years. These fees are reimbursable for a maximum of two plan years. 

Applying for the Benefits 

To apply for tuition benefits you must:

  • select your course
  • submit for course approval through HR Self Service within 31 days of the start of the course
If you change your course selection during the semester, you must access HR Self Service to drop the course that was originally approved. If you are replacing the dropped course with another course, you must then submit another application for course approval within 31 days of the start of the new course. 

Applying For Reimbursement 

After you successfully complete a course, you can be reimbursed for expenses by: 
  • accessing HR Self Service and changing the course status to completed
  • uploading your official transcript and a copy of the itemized bill within 90 days of the course end date  
The reimbursement will be included in your paycheck. 
If you are receiving money from other sources, such as scholarships, grants or awards designed to cover the same charges, the reimbursement provided by Princeton will not exceed the remaining eligible costs, if any.

Taxation on Reimbursed Expenses 

Reimbursements up to $5,250 in a calendar year (January 1December 31) are treated as nontaxable income by the IRS. Because the Plan is administered based on the University’s fiscal year (July 1June 30), it may be possible to receive more than $5,250 in a calendar year. When this occurs, any reimbursements exceeding $5,250 in the calendar year is taxable income.
For questions regarding tuition benefits, please contact the benefits team at (609) 258-3302 or by e-mail.
For detailed information regarding the Staff Educational Assistance Plan, see Plan Eligibility, Rules, Procedures and Instructions.