Emergency Resource Information

Princeton University has identified many services to help employees and their families with hardships brought on by Hurricane Sandy and the impending nor’easter. Some of these services are offered by the University, others through existing providers and many through state or federal agencies.  

If you require assistance, we encourage staff to contact HR at (609) 258-3300, menu option 4, as soon as possible and faculty to contact Scott McGoldrick, Office of the Dean of the Faculty, at (609) 258-7775.
The information that follows was sent by e-mail to all faculty and staff on November 7, 2012. Information about the Humanitarian Relief Program for Staff for Hurricane Sandy was announced on November 16, 2012; refer to the announcement for specific details.

HR Services

  • There will be assistance to help employees complete FEMA applications and insurance forms. This effort is coordinated with the Pace Center and volunteers from amongst the staff and graduate and undergraduate students. Contact Elaine Richards, (609) 258-9109, to schedule an appointment.
  • Assistance is provided to identify for each individual the most appropriate help. Although we are unable to contact utilities, regulatory services, or contractors on your behalf, we can explore alternative solutions with you based on your specific situation.
  • You may be eligible for limited one-time assistance for an unexpected and significant qualifying financial hardship, e.g., incurring substantial damage to your primary residence. Staff should call the Benefits Team at 8-3302 and faculty should call Scott McGoldrick, 8-7775.

Child & Elder Care Services: Bright Horizons Backup Care Advantage Program

  • Additional child and elder care hours arranged.
  • “Family Solutions” advice available to help children cope with their emotional needs in the aftermath of the storm.
  • Call (877) 242-2737 or visit https://backup.brighthorizons.com/Login.aspx, username “Princeton” and password “care4you.”

Employee Assistance Program: Carebridge

  • Confidential counseling services.
  • Referral available for various services, e.g., tree removal, replacement of lost furniture, temporary housing, or other information.
  • Call (800) 437-0911 or e-mail.

Medical Plan Insurance Services

  • Additional levels of services for those affected by the storm.
  • Aetna HMO Plan: (888) 287-4296
  • Aetna PPO, POS, J-1 Visa Plan, and High Deductible Plan: (800) 535-6689
  • UnitedHealthcare: (877) 609-2273; special help line at (866) 342-6892  

Prescription Drug Services: Express Scripts

  • Assistance for employees who lost their supply of medication and/or need to pick up a supply at a local pharmacy.  

Isles Group

  • Budgeting assistance to create a “survival budget” to help prioritize your immediate financial needs and assist you in getting through the crisis.
  • In some cases, an emergency loan in an amount between $500 and $1,000 can be provided for unexpected immediate expenses, e.g., car, housing.
  • Contact the Benefits Team at 8-3302.

University Health Services

Refer to the detailed list of government services and agencies in the section to the right on this page.

Please contact us or Scott McGoldrick as soon as possible and/or refer colleagues and coworkers who are in need. HR’s office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m. We are located at 2 New South. E-mail or call us at (609) 258-3300, menu option 4. You can reach Scott at (609) 258-7775.