2.2. 1 University Job Posting

Policy Section: Employment

Policy Number and Title: 2.2.1 University Job Posting
Applicable to: All Employees
Effective Date: March 1, 2012

Policy Description

Federal regulations and University policies require that all open positions be posted. Under certain circumstances, exemptions from or waivers of this policy may apply (see waiver policy below).

The Office of the Provost has responsibility for campus-wide policies related to issues of equity in the employment context, including the determination of whether to grant a waiver of the posting requirement. Procedural implementation, including the receipt of requests for internal postings or waivers, is administered through the Office of Human Resources (for human resource staff positions) and the Office of the Dean of the Faculty (for faculty and academic professional positions), in consultation with the Office of the Provost. The vice president for human resources and the vice provost for institutional equity and diversity are authorized to approve waiver requests.

External Postings

The University strives to attract a diverse group of candidates for employment, and advertises open positions widely. Open positions are posted on the University's online applicant tracking system and with the State of New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development. In addition, employment opportunities are made available to the National Higher Education Recruitment Consortium, as well as agencies and organizations that assist women, minorities, persons with disabilities, and veterans in finding jobs.
Open human resources staff positions must be posted for at least five business days before a candidate is selected. Open dean of faculty positions must be posted for at least 30 days before a candidate is selected. On rare occasions, where there is a compelling reason, the vice provost for institutional equity and diversity, in consultation with an associate dean of the faculty, may approve an abbreviated posting timeframe for a dean of faculty academic professional position.
If specific minimum qualifications or special credentials are listed as requirements (as opposed to preferred) in the advertisements, an offer of employment or appointment can only be made to individuals who fulfill these requirements.
Exemptions to Posting Requirements
In rare instances, the posting policy does not apply. Personnel activity that does not arise from or result in an open position is exempt from the posting policy. Generally, this may occur when:
  • An individual’s source of pay changes due to budgetary considerations with no change in responsibilities or rate of pay.
  • The hours of a regular full-time or regular part-time employee are changed with no change in responsibilities.
  • A department or unit is reorganized and no additional staff is hired.
  • The reorganization must be reviewed by the Office of Human Resources and/or the Office of the Dean of the Faculty, as appropriate.
  • An incumbent staff member’s position is reclassified by the Office of Human Resources or the Office of the Dean of the Faculty to reflect a change in that individual’s duties and responsibilities.(However, a promotion or transfer into a position that has been vacated by another employee or which has been newly created is subject to the posting policy.
When a Waiver of the Posting Requirements May be Granted
Under limited circumstances, waivers of the posting requirements for position vacancies may be considered. The vice president for human resources and the vice provost for institutional equity and diversity are authorized to approve waiver requests. A request for a waiver of posting can be made by submitting (1) a statement justifying that request, (2) the application/resume of the recommended candidate and (3) a detailed job description to the Office of Human Resources (for HR positions) or to the Office of the Dean of Faculty (for DOF positions). If the requested information is not provided, the waiver request will be denied. A waiver request may be approved if it meets one or more of the following criteria:
  • The offer of employment will allow a current employee who has been on an approved extended leave of absence to return to a position at the University for which he or she is qualified.
  • The offer of employment implements a reasonable accommodation for a qualified current employee with a disability.
  • The offer of employment to the candidate recommended will avoid terminating a current employee during a reduction-in-force or allows a former employee, laid off within the previous twelve months, to be hired in a substantially similar position. (In that there may be several qualified internal candidates, an internal posting may be required.)
  • The offer of employment is made to settle a grievance, complaint, or lawsuit.
  • The vacancy is for a full-time or part-time position not to exceed six months. However, if permission is subsequently granted to fill the position on a permanent basis, a search will be required. Therefore, if the hiring manager believes that such an eventuality is possible, he or she should conduct a search to fill the temporary vacancy. Please note that temporary vacancies that will last for three or more days must be posted with the State of New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development.
  • The offer of employment is extended to someone identified from an existing applicant pool developed in response to a recent posting for the same job title or a position with significantly similar job duties, responsibilities and qualifications. In order to qualify for a waiver of the posting policy, the existing pool must meet specific criteria. Factors taken into consideration in evaluating the existing applicant pool include: the representation of women and minorities in the pool; the date the pool was established; and the similarity in responsibilities between the posted position and the new request. (The statement of justification must include the job requisition number, date of the previous posting, and information about the composition of the applicant pool.)
  • An external business unit is incorporated into the University. (After the unit has been incorporated, position openings in the unit will be handled in accordance with University policy.)
  • Compelling circumstances exist, such that there would be no job opening in the absence of the business necessity or opportunity to hire the specific candidate. For example:
    • A University employee is continuing in his or her role as part of an ongoing Princeton research team or project but needs to be moved/reassigned to another department or unit.
    • The offer of employment is made to a person considered a target of opportunity hire; this category includes offers to individuals distinguished in their fields (standard post-doc positions are subject to regular posting requirements).
    • The offer of employment is made to a qualified individual to secure the recruitment or retention of the individual’s tenured or tenure-track faculty spouse or partner.
If the waiver request is denied, the position must be posted and filled in accordance with the University’s standard hiring policies and procedures.

Internal Postings

In certain circumstances, when there are one or more qualified internal candidates for an open position, the Office of Human Resources and/or the Office of the Dean of the Faculty, in consultation with the Office of the Provost as appropriate, may permit the hiring manager to solicit internal candidates only. An open position that is posted internally is not required to be posted externally. Only qualified, eligible internal candidates will be considered as applicants for positions posted internally.
The posting of positions internally supports the professional development of current regular employees. Successful candidates must meet the position’s minimum qualifications and typically are moving into positions that are a higher grade, although in rare instances lateral moves can be approved if the transfer provides a career development opportunity (with an eye toward promotion) by enhancing skills and learning about other functions of the University.
To be an eligible candidate for an open position posted internally, the candidate must:
  1. be a current regular or term benefits-eligible employee,
  2. typically be employed for a minimum of 12 months in his or her current position with an effective performance rating (employees with active documented performance concerns are not eligible), and
  3. originally have been hired as the result of a competitive search process (applications will not be accepted from employees whose original appointment was as the result of a search waiver).

Casual temporary and agency employees are not eligible.

Waivers to the eligibility criteria will be considered by the Office of Human Resources and/or the Office of the Dean of the Faculty. 

Internal postings of open positions will be posted for at least five business days. Eligible employees should submit an application and other requested materials by the closing date.
Any subsequent vacancy, which occurs as a result of an internal promotion or transfer, must be posted externally, a full search conducted and a good faith effort must be made to generate a diverse applicant pool.


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Office of the Dean of the Faculty (609) 258-3021
Office of the Provost (609) 258-6110

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