Princetonians of Color Network


Our Mission 

Princeton University defines diversity broadly to encompass different social and cultural identities, different perspectives and different styles of working and learning.

The primary mission of the Princetonians of Color Network (PCN) is to serve its members by helping to create an environment of equity and respect that attracts and values diverse individuals who are encouraged to contribute their perspectives to the overall success of an institution that stands in service to society.

To achieve this mission, sustain Princeton’s excellence and advance our educational mission by enhancing both the formal and informal learning environment in which our students engage, the campus must actively: 

  • seek individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives
  • create systems that enable all community members to flourish and to participate in the life of the University
  • practice principles of fairness and respect 

PCN functions in both an advocacy and support capacity as the University pursues efforts in this regard. 

PCN is organized and committed to: 

  • be a resource of enlightenment and inspiration to students of color who are pursuing higher education at Princeton

  • provide information and support to all faculty and staff regarding issues that impact communities of color

  • provide opportunities for its members to become more informed regarding the issues they may encounter in higher education

  • help Princeton build a more inclusive academic community that is committed to maintaining equity while also achieving excellence. 

The Board of the PCN encourages the full participation of all employees within the University who represent the various racial, ethnic, socio–political identity groups that exist on campus. 


J.D. Jasper, Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering Education

Vice President co-lead
Tonya E. Gibson, Office of Information Technology

Vice President co-lead
Adrian C. Cupid, Department of Psychology