Rights & Responsibilities

All employees share responsibility for protecting the well-being of the community and for adhering to norms of behavior that make this a great place to work.

Open communication with others is encouraged as discussion can usually resolve issues at a low level and often leads to a better working environment. If you would like assistance, resources include: representatives in the Office of Human Resources and the director  for equal opportunity programs, who are available to assist in resolving workplace issues and conflicts; the Fairness Review Process, a peer review process for handling specific grievances or conflicts between non-union employees and managers; and the Ombuds Office, which provides a neutral, confidential and informal resource where any member of the University community can discuss a complaint, conflict or problem. For more information, see the policies below.

Respect for Others


Equal Opportunity


Title IX Statements

Diversity & Community

Personal Relationships

Reporting Potentially Illegal Activity

Whistleblower Regulation

University Confidential Hotline