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All members of the University community are responsible for safeguarding the University's information and technology infrastructure, and for complying with applicable legislative and contractual obligations. To support you in this task, we offer information security policies, procedural and technical guidance, tools and methods to reduce risk, and procedures for addressing any issues that may arise. Here, both technical and non-technical readers can expand their understanding of threats to information and systems, and of measures that each of us can take to counter these threats. Questions should be directed to

Mission Statement

While balancing the University’s tradition of openness and collaboration with the need to protect Princeton’s information and technology infrastructure, we seek to provide an array of protections to address the varying levels of risk. This will be accomplished by:

  • Supporting policy development
  • Shepherding the standards development process so that clear, accurate, actionable guidance can be developed from policy
  • Providing information security education and awareness programs to all of our community

For the goals and objectives, click here.