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Research: Carter Group

Nima Alidoust - Graduate Student
First Principles Design of New Photovoltaic Materials

Mohan Chen - Postdoc
How to use orbital-free density functional theory to study liquid metals?

Jin Cheng - Graduate Student
Combining CW methods and DFT methods for higher efficiency and accuracy

Johannes Dieterich - Postdoc
Development of local MRCI methods and global optimization techniques

Leah Isseroff - Graduate Student
How can we use quantum methods to design new photovoltaic materials for production of solar fuels?

Dalal K. Kanan - Postdoc
Can we accurately treat transition metal oxides using ab initio quantum methods?

John Keith - Postdoc
Can we recycle CO2 into liquid fuels?

David Krisiloff - Graduate Student
Linear Scaling Multireference Configuration Interaction Methods

Martina Lessio - Graduate Student
Converting CO2 into liquid fuels and chemicals

Gbenga Oyedepo - Postdoc
Quantitative understanding of the kinetics of biodiesel combustion

Victor Oyeyemi - Graduate Student
Why does biodiesel burn more cleanly than petro-diesel?

Christoph Riplinger - Postdoc
How can we design catalysts that convert CO2 into liquid fuels?

Andrew Ritzmann - Graduate Student
Can we design improved cathode materials for solid oxide fuel cells?

Ilgyou (Isaac) Shin - Graduate Student
How to study metal alloy microstructural properties with Orbital-Free Density Functional Theory?

Ting Tan - Graduate Student
How do oxygenated biofuels perform differently from conventional hydrocarbon based fuels?

Junchao (Steven) Xia - Graduate Student
How to extend orbital free density functional theory to more and more broad areas?