Campus Building Architects

Architect Building
Agle, Charles K. Von Neumann Hall
Allan Greenberg Architect LLC Burr Hall Renovation
Anderson Architects Roberts Stadium
Ann Beha Architects 58 Prospect Ave. Renovation and Addition (Fields Center/Community House)
Architectural Resources Cambridge Shea Rowing Center
Architectural Research Office Architecture Building Renovation and Addition
Baldeweg, Juan Navarro Woolworth Music Center Addition
Ballard-Todd Associates Magie Apartments 
Ballard, Todd and Snibbe Hibben Apartments
New Graduate College
Tennis Pavilion
Beck, Martin Elementary Particles Laboratory
Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Wallace Hall
Brown, A. Page Clio Hall
Whig Hall
Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf DeNunzio Pool
Cesar Pelli & Associates DeNunzio Pool
Clarke, T. Jeffrey Henry House Renovation
Clarke Caton Hintz 200 Elm Drive Renovation
Cope and Stewardson Blair Hall
Buyers Hall
Little Hall
Coy and Rice Baker Rink
Cram, Goodhue and Ferguson Campbell Hall
Cram and Ferguson Graduate College
Graduate College-North Court
McCormick Hall
University Chapel
Wyman House
Dagit•Saylor Architects Eno Hall Renovation
Dattner Architects Cordish Family Pavilion
Davis Brody and Associates Hoyt Laboratory
Day and Klauder (Frank Miles Day and Charles Z. Klauder) 20 Washington Road
200 Elm Drive
Class of 1901 Hall
Class of 1903 Hall
Cuyler Hall
Dickinson Hall
Eno Hall
Green Hall
Hamilton Hall
Holder Hall
Joline Hall
Jones Hall
Laughlin Hall
Lockhart Hall
Madison Hall
McCosh Health Center
Pyne Hall
Walker Hall
Edward Larrabee Barnes Associates New South Building
Einhorn Yaffee Prescott Blair Hall Renovation
Buyers Hall Renovation
Hamilton Hall Renovation
Holder Hall Renovation
Madison Hall Renovation
Embury, Aymar Class of 1915 Hall
Dillon Gymnasium
Faxon, John Lyman Brown Hall
Dod Hall
Fisher, D.K. Este McCarter Theatre
Fisher, Nes, Campbell and Partners Architecture Building
Ford 3 Peyton Hall Renovation
Ford Farewell Mills Gatsch 48 University Place Renovation
Graduate College Renovation
Jones Hall Renovation
Robertson Hall Renovation
University Chapel Renovation
Fraker, Harrison Baker Rink Renovation
Frederick Fisher and Partners Architects Sherrerd Hall
Fulmer and Wolfe Edwards Hall Renovation
Gehry Partners LLP Lewis Library
Gensler High Performance Computing Research Center
Gildersleeve, Raleigh C. Campus Club
Class of 1886 Clubhouse
McCosh Hall
Nassau Hall Renovation
Goody, Clancy and Associates Patton Hall Renovation
Witherspoon Hall Renovation
Wright Hall Renovation
Grieves, James Alexander Hall Renovation
McCarter Theatre Renovation
Gwathmey and Siegel McDonnell Hall
Whig Hall Renovation
Hammond Beeby Rupert Ainge Clio Hall
Stanhope Hall Renovation
Hardenbergh, Henry J. Palmer Hall
Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates (Hugh Hardy) Berlind Theatre
Henry, Joseph Henry House
Hill, Harry A. 48 University Place
Hillier Group (Alan Chimacoff) Bowen Hall
EQuad J Wing
Hillier Group (J. Robert Hillier) Forbes College Annex
Olden House
Hopkins Architects Frick Chemistry Laboratory
Hugh Stubbins and Associates Class of 1922 Hall
Class of 1940 Hall
Class of 1941 Hall
Class of 1942 Hall
Jadwin Hall
Lourie-Love Hall
Mudd Manuscript Library
Hunt, Richard Morris Burr Hall
Murray Theater
I.M. Pei & Partners Spelman Halls
Jackson, Walter H. Bobst Hall
James Bradberry Architects New South Building Renovation
José Rafael Moneo Arquitecto Princeton Neuroscience Institute and Peretsman-Scully Hall
Kallmann, McKinnell and Wood Marx Hall
KieranTimberlake Associates Little Hall Renovation
Kliment and Halsband Computer Science Building
Koetter, Kim and Associates 185 Nassau St. Addition
Class of 1927-Clapp Hall
Firestone Library Addition
KSS Architects 185 Nassau St. Renovation and Addition
Bobst Hall Renovation
Burr Hall Renovation
West College Renovation
Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects Julis Romo Rabinowitz Renovation
Simpson Building Renovation
Labatut, Jean Architecture Laboratory
Latrobe, Benjamin Henry Nassau Hall Renovation
Stanhope Hall
Lindsey, Edward Delano Edwards Hall
Machado and Silvetti Associates North Garage
Scully Hall
Menn, Christian Streicker Bridge
Michael Dennis Associates of Boston Bloomberg Hall
Michael Graves and Associates Wilcox Hall Renovation
Michael Landau Architects Bendheim Center for Finance Renovation
Milliken, Henry Bendheim Center for Finance
Mitchell/Giurgola Art Museum Renovation and Addition
Guyot Hall Addition
Moore and Hutchins Woolworth Music Center
Moran, John P. Chilled Water Plant
MacMillan Building
Morris, Benjamin W. 1879 Hall
Patton Hall
Wright Hall
Nalls Architecture Campus Club Renovation
Green Hall Renovation and Addition
Helm Building Renovation
Newman Architects Dod Hall Renovation
Notman, John Lowrie House
Nassau Hall Renovation
Prospect House
West College
O’Connor and Kilham 20 Washington Road Addition
Firestone Library
Moffett Laboratory
Parrish and Schroeder Dodge Hall
Guyot Hall
Payette Associates 20 Washington Road Addition
Frick Chemistry Laboratory
Guyot Hall Renovation and Addition
Jadwin Hall Renovation
Schultz Laboratory
Thomas Laboratory
Pei, Cobb, Freed & Partners Bogle Hall
Class of 1967 Hall
Class of 1976 Hall
Friend Center
Wilf Hall
Yoseloff Hall
Porphyrios Associate Baker Hall Hall
Class of 1981 Hall
Community Hall
Fisher Hall (Whitman College)
Hargadon Hall
Lauritzen Hall
Murley-Pivirotto Family Tower
Wendell Hall
Potter, William A. Alexander Hall
Chancellor Green
East Pyne Hall
Potter & Robertson Witherspoon Hall
Rafael Viñoly Architects Icahn Laboratory
Princeton Stadium
Rick Joy Architects Princeton Station
Robert A.M. Stern Architects Center for Jewish Life
Roudebush, Francis W. Green Hall Addition
Sander Associates 1879 Hall Renovation
Satterthwaite, Pennington Class of 1887 Boathouse
SBRA McCormick Hall Renovation
Schwartz/Silver Architects of Boston Chancellor Green Renovation
East Pyne Hall Renovation
Scheide Caldwell House
Seeler, Edgar V. Cannon Club
Sert, Jackson and Associates Energy Research Laboratory (EQuad G Wing)
Sherwood, Mills and Smith Class of 1937 Hall
Class of 1938 Hall
Class of 1939 Hall
Dodge-Osborn Hall
Gauss Hall
Wilcox Hall
Smith, Robert Maclean House
Nassau Hall
Snyder, Eldredge 36 University Place (University Store)
Speir, Thomas Oliphant 86 Olden St.
Steadman, Charles Palmer House
Steinmann and Cain Art Museum
McCormick Hall Renovation and Addition
Steinmann, Cain and White Caldwell Field House
Jadwin Gymnasium
Stephen Holl Architects Lewis Center for the Arts
Studio Ma Lakeside Graduate Housing
TEN Architectos West Garage
Thomas, Andrew J. Forbes College
Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment
Feinberg Hall
Torti Gallas and Partners Merwick/Stanworth Housing
Uniplan Brown Hall Renovation
Venturi, Rauch and Scott Brown Forbes College Renovation
Madison Hall Renovation
Prospect House Renovation
Thomas Laboratory
Wu Hall
Venturi Scott Brown and Associates Bendheim Hall
Corwin Hall Renovation
Fisher Hall (Prospect Avenue)
Frist Campus Center Renovation
Schultz Laboratory
Voorhees, Walker, Foley and Smith Corwin Hall
Voorhees, Walker, Smith and Haines Engineering Quadrangle (A-F Wings)
Walker O. Cain & Associates 87 Prospect Ave. (Computing Center)
Walker Parking Consultants West Garage
Warner, Burns, Toan and Lunde Fine Hall
WASA Woolworth Music Center Addition
Wurmfeld Associates Class of 1952 Stadium
New South Building Renovation
Yamasaki & Associates Peyton Hall
Robertson Hall
Zantzinger, Borie and Medary Henry Hall
Foulke Hall