Campus Building Chronology

This list reflects the University's current core buildings, some major renovation projects and several landmark structures no longer standing, with the years in which their construction was completed. It is not an inclusive list of all campus structures past and present.


1756 Nassau Hall
Maclean House


1803 Stanhope Hall
1823 Palmer House
1836 West College
1837 Henry House
1845 Lowrie House
1849 Prospect House
1873 Chancellor Green
1877 Witherspoon Hall
1879 Murray Theater
1880 185 Nassau St.
Edwards Hall
1885 2 Dickinson St.
1890 86 Olden St.
106 Alexander St.
116 Prospect Ave.
Dod Hall
1891 Brown Hall
Burr Hall
1893 Clio Hall
Whig Hall
1894 Alexander Hall
1897 Blair Hall
Buyers Hall
East Pyne Hall


1900 Dodge Hall
Little Hall
1904 48 University Place
1879 Hall
1905 Class of 1886 Clubhouse
FitzRandolph Gate
1906 Patton Hall
Wright Hall
1907 McCosh Hall
1908 Palmer Hall (renovated to become the Frist Campus Center in 2000)
1909 Campbell Hall
Campus Club
Guyot Hall
1910 Holder Hall
1911 Hamilton Hall
Cannon Club
1912 185 Nassau St.
Cuyler Hall
1913 Class of 1887 Boathouse
Graduate College
Wyman House
1914 Palmer Stadium
1916 Madison Hall
1917 Bendheim Center for Finance
1918 71 University Place
1921 91 Prospect Ave.
1922 McCormick Hall
Pyne Hall
1923 Baker Rink
Foulke Hall
Henry Hall
1924 171 Broadmead St.
200 Elm Drive
Bobst Hall
Eno Hall
Forbes College
1925 McCosh Health Center
1926 Class of 1901 Hall
Laughlin Hall
1927 Graduate College-North Court
Green Hall
Lockhart Hall
1928 5 Ivy Lane
University Chapel
1929 20 Washington Road
Class of 1903 Hall
McCarter Theatre
Walker Hall
1930 Dickinson Hall
1931 Jones Hall
1932 Joline Hall
1934 FitzRandolph Observatory
1940 201 Nassau St.
1946 Elementary Particles Laboratory
1947 Dillon Gymnasium
1948 Firestone Library
1949 130 University Place
Architecture Laboratory
Class of 1915 Hall
1952 Corwin Hall
1958 36 University Place
1960 Class of 1937 Hall
Class of 1938 Hall
Class of 1939 Hall
Dodge-Osborn Hall
Gauss Hall
Von Neumann Hall
1961 Moffett Laboratory
Wilcox Hall
1962 Engineering Quadrangle A-F Wings
MacMillan Building
1963 Architecture Building
Caldwell Field House
Chilled Water Plant
Cooling Towers
New Graduate College
Tennis Pavilion
Woolworth Music Center
1965 Class of 1912 Pavilion
New South Building
Robertson Hall
1966 Art Museum
Peyton Hall
1968 87 Prospect Ave.
Fine Hall
Jadwin Gymnasium
Jadwin Hall
1971 Forbes College Annex
1973 Spelman Halls
1974 Cannon Club Renovation
1976 Mudd Manuscript Library
1979 Energy Research Laboratory
Hoyt Laboratory
1983 Wu Hall
1984 Lenz Tennis Center
1986 Feinberg Hall
Thomas Laboratory
1987 Class of 1927-Clapp Hall
1989 Computer Science Building
1990 DeNunzio Pool
1991 Bendheim Hall
Fisher Hall (Prospect Avenue)
North Garage
1993 Bowen Hall
Center for Jewish Life
EQuad J Wing
Marx Hall
Schultz Laboratory
1996 Class of 1952 Stadium
Cogeneration Plant
1998 Dillon Court (East and West)
McDonnell Hall
Princeton Stadium
Scully Hall
1999 West Garage


2000 Frist Campus Center Renovation
Shea Rowing Center
Wallace Hall
2001 Friend Center
2003 Icahn Laboratory
Berlind Theatre
2004 Bloomberg Hall
Scheide Caldwell House
2007 Baker Hall
Class of 1981 Hall
Community Hall
Fisher Hall (Whitman College)
Hargadon Hall
Lauritzen Hall
Murley-Pivirotto Family Tower
Wendell Hall
2008 Lewis Library
Roberts Stadium
Sherrerd Hall
2009 58 Prospect Ave. Renovation and Addition
Bogle Hall
Campus Club Renovation
Class of 1967 Hall
Class of 1976 Hall
Wilf Hall
Yoseloff Hall
2010 Frick Chemistry Laboratory
New South Building Renovation
Streicker Bridge
2011 Cordish Family Pavilion
High-performance Computing Research Center
2013 Peretsman Scully Hall
Princeton Neuroscience Institute
2014 Olden House
Princeton Station
2015 Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment
Lakeside Graduate Housing
2016 Julis Romo Rabinowitz Building
Simpson Building