Academic Advising

Undergraduate Advising

Residential college deans and directors of studies provide guidance and support for students throughout their undergraduate careers.

In their freshman and sophomore years, A.B. students receive regular academic guidance from faculty advisers as well as from the deans, directors of studies and peer advisers in the residential colleges.

The undergraduate advising program for B.S.E. students involves many engineering faculty members, who serve as advisers to first-year students enrolled in the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

As students select a field of concentration they develop advising relationships with the relevant departmental representatives and faculty advisers in the areas of their independent work. A.B. students normally select a major in the spring term of their sophomore year. B.S.E students normally select a field of study within engineering in the spring term of their freshman year.

For juniors and seniors, residential college deans and directors of studies provide guidance and support regarding matters not specific to the major.

Additionally, the Office of Undergraduate Research advises on independent work and connects students to University resources, and the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning offers support programs such as tutoring and mentoring.

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RCA study break

In addition to their faculty and administrative advisers, underclass students have the chance to speak with their residential college advisers during frequent study breaks and adviser group activities.