Undergraduate Housing

Princeton's six residential colleges, where students live and eat, offer close-knit and dynamic living situations with many opportunities for building a community of friends. The resources provided at the colleges — from cultural events to intramural sports to study breaks — help students pursue their interests and get involved.

With the opening of Princeton's sixth residential college in 2007, the University's expanded residential college system provides more options for all undergraduate students. Three of the six residential colleges are all-class residences and house approximately 400 freshmen and sophomores, 100 juniors and seniors and 10 graduate students. The other three residential colleges house freshmen and sophomores.

Most upperclass students live in individual dormitories that are not part of a residential college and choose from a variety of dining options, including taking their meals at one of the 11 historic coed eating clubs along Prospect Avenue or joining cooperative residences, where students prepare meals in groups or individually.


 Undergraduate dorm room

Housing is guaranteed for undergraduate students for all four years. Above, a student works in her room in one of the residential colleges.