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Friday, April 28, 2017

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University Home Page Features Modest Design Changes

Over the course of the summer, the Office of Computing and Information Technology and the Office of Communications made a number of design modifications to the University home page. These changes are intended to better organize the information on the page, and thus to make the page more easily navigable.

University news and announcements are now presented on the main body of the home page under three categories: Headlines, Announcements, and News and Events. All information submitted to will be posted in the appropriate section.

With the addition of News and Events to the main body of the home page, News & Events has been removed from the menu bar. News links are included on the new News and Events page, along with detailed information about University events scheduled during the year.

About Princeton has been added to the menu bar. This gives more prominence to the links that provide information about the campus, the campus directory, and the community. Because About Princeton is now listed in the menu bar, that category has been removed from the Campus Life and Campus Services pages.

We hope you'll find the new home page features an improvement -- especially as academic year activities increase.

Contact: Justin Harmon (609) 258-3601

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