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Monday, April 24, 2017

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Theodore Ziolkowski honored by Federal Republic of Germany

Theodore Ziolkowski, professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures and Comparative Literature, was awarded the Order of Merit (First Class) by President Johannes Rau of the Federal Republic of Germany.

"Like few other scholars, you have succeeded in combining teaching, research and university administration," Consul General Bernhard Edler von der Planitz said in a ceremony July 26. "Your scholarly works qualify you as one of the most prominent Germanists of our age."

Von der Planitz noted that Ziolkowski's "unwearying efforts" have helped give the study of languages an important place in the curriculum of American universities. Ziolkowski's teaching and research have "acquainted countless young Americans with Germany, her language, history and culture," he said.

Ziolkowski is the Class of 1900 Professor of Modern Languages and the former dean of the Graduate School.

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